Back in the Day

1991……. D-Boy, Utah, Gabe, Wonger and I would roll all over the place in D-boy’s 1974 VW Westfalia Bus. This bus was all our main transportation, not too have a clue how popular they would be. Sitting in D-Boys back yard burning huge bon fires we ran out of wood, so we thought it would be a great idea to take out out the sink, seats and cabinets to keep the party going……kids……lol..  We had no idea what we were doing but having a good time!

We skated everywhere, city to city with gas at a dollar a gallon, our bus got us there no problem.  Always running out of gas in just about every city was the norm. We panhandled everywhere and it wasn’t too cool to do then either.

One day we ran out of gas at the top of a residential hill in La Habra, CA. So with us able to see light at the bottom on the hill, we had to time it just right for us to coast right through the intersection and into the GAS STATION right at the PUMP, Home Plate!

Rabbit Rentals HB believes everyone has memories, stories, a relative or groovy experiences when it comes to VW’s.

My names Chris Roman, wife Brooke Roman, we have 4 sons and life is good. I purchase my first 1971 VW Tin Top Westfalia Camper in 1999 and still have this bus today which is in the picture above. All 4 sons have been exposed to VW’s and it’s a part of our family blood.

We love people and helping others is our primary purpose!

Rabbit Rentals HB is not just a rental company. Our main purpose is for all customers to have bus experiences just as we have been having and to share the joy. We want our customers to love, gravitate, feel, and enjoy every moment while driving, sharing, laughing and creating memories.  This is the BUS EXPERIENCE! No better car to rent while in Huntington Beach than a VW Bus.

Our mission is for you to have the “REAL EXPERIENCE of HUNTINGTON BEACH”

As a family owned, operating small business, we love to make the impossible, possible!

We want all your VW memories to come back and all your new memories to come alive.

Smile, Life it Good!


Rabbit Rentals is the leading rental service for authentic Volkswagen buses in Huntington Beach, CA. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.