Back in the Day

When I was a young lad our crew which consisted of D-Boy, Johnny Utah, Gabe, Wonger and I used to roll all over town in D-boy’s 1974 VW Westfalia Bus. This VW was D-boy’s daily driver and all our main means of transportation. Not knowing it would be the most sawed vehicle of the future. We would drive from city to city all over looking for skate spots or pools to drop into.  Meanwhile, always running out of gas in just about every city. Imagine that, running out of gas in a VW Bus?  In one occasion we ran out of gas at the top of a residential hill, so we descended from the top of that hill in neutral. As we descended down slowly, we occasionally would stop so we could time it for us to coast right through the intersection and into the GAS PUMP, home plate!

Rabbit Rentals HB believes everyone has a memory, a story, a relative or groovy experiences when it comes to the VW experience!

My story started in 1992 with D-Boy and his 1974 Westfalia. Time was of the essence in 2003 when I purchased my first 1971 VW Tin Top Westfalia Camper, Betsie! Many memorable experiences are embedded in us as a small Huntington Beach VW family. My name is Chris Roman married to Brooke Roman with 3 boys, Casen, Westen, and Makai.

We love people and helping others is our code of conduct. Rabbit Rentals HB is a company that not only rents buses, but is a shared experience that we want all to gravitate, feel, and enjoy while in your rental. It is not a Mercedes that you’re driving, but a VW Bus! No better car to rent while in Huntington Beach than a VW Westfalia. As you to feel the experience on your way to a camp out, the beach, or just a nice dinner  then cruising down PCH with windows down gazing over our beautiful sunsets listening to Tom Petty.

Our mission is, “For you to have the REAL EXPERIENCE of Huntington Beach, driving with ease and comfort knowing your fully living life to the best you can in every way possible.”

We as a family owned small business love to make the impossible possible for all to experience, we want your old memory to come to life and the new memory to come alive and resonate within your soul while you rent from Rabbit Rentals HB.

These buses are a living organisms is our eyes, these cars are history. We believe once you enter the realm of the VW bus you’ll grip to the big, wide wheel and feel the drive that will bring you to the present moment creating a smile that is unforgettable.


Rabbit Rentals is the leading rental service for authentic Volkswagen buses in Huntington Beach, CA. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.