2021 Rabbit Bus Rentals and Tour Rates

“If the Rabbit can drive it, anyone can!”

Cruise Daily: Pricing Starting as low as $189 a day.
Cruise Through The Weekend: Pricing starting as low as $400.00 for Friday – Sunday
Tour Today: As low as $99.00

The 3 hour tour is all throughout Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Balboa Beach (Car Fairy across the peninsula as you sit in the bus), Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, and rabbit surprises of much more fun!

Additional Information
  • Rental Pricing excludes taxes, fuel charge and or additional damages
  • Service/cleaning fee $30
  • A rental that is extended for more than 2 additional days is required a new written contract in person or will accrue additional fees.
  • Rabbit Rentals HB would be pleased to have your interests for photo shoots, wedding props, anniversary celebrations, commercials, movies etc.
  • Call for special requests/questions: 562-787-2527

Buses Make Great Photography Props!

Rabbit Rentals is the leading rental service for authentic Volkswagen buses in Huntington Beach, CA. Call us today to inquire all details (562) 787-2527.