Most Commonly Asked Questions….
01. Is there a reservation cancellation policy?

You have 24 hours to cancel before your scheduled reservation pickup time. If you do not cancel within the 24 hours of the reservation pickup time and no show for rental, you will be charged a $100.00 cancellation fee.

02. Is insurance provided?

You will be responsible to check with your insurance company, as well as your credit card company to see what coverage is offered to you as the primary insurance holder. As the standard car rental industry, you will be responsible for all damage done to the vehicle.

03. What should we bring to rent the vehicle?

Valid Driver’s License and your insurance card.

04. Are there any extra charges?
  • All rentals are in increments of 1-day rentals which is 24 hours.
  • Must return with 91 Octane Gas filled as when picked up. If not will be charged $6.00 per gallon.
  • 1-day rentals are allowed 100 miles; any overage will be charged $1.50 per mile.
05. Will the company deliver the vehicle?

Rabbit will deliver anywhere with an additional charge based on location.

06. Do we have to pay for beach parking?

All regular city fee’s will be paid by you. Ask if the rental has a state beach parking pass as we do offer from time to time if not in use.

07. Can we camp overnight at the beach?

If you have questions regarding camping or activities in Huntington Beach, please visit

08. Are any of the buses automatic?

At this time rabbit only has stick shift. Sorry…….and a strict verification of driving stick will be mandatory before rental.

09. Is there any extras provided with the rental?

Yes, we can provide chairs, towels, surfboards, boogie boards, fins, umbrellas, ice chests, picnic basket, blankets, or any other requests for an additional charge, just ask your rabbit rental advisor.

10. Do you have car seats?

Yes, just need to let us know the weight and age of the child, then fill the waiver out for the rental and that’s it their cruising’.

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